4-2nd Annual Smokin' Hot BBQ

2nd Annual Smokin' Hot BBQ Nassau Bahamas Contest results

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2nd Annual Smokin' Hot BBQ Nassau Contest Results
Kudos to Nassau Bahamas, the hottest new International BBQ destination! Contest date May 3rd 2014.
Congratulations to all 24 competing BBQ Teams that made it through the BBQ gauntlet.
Click here and follow the link to the competition results http://www.kcbs.us/events.php?year=2014&month=5id=4791
Congratulation to our new Grand Champions Gone Fishin'. There guys were really on their game May 3rd and managed to upset the reigning GC Chef Miller by a narrow 7 points. Gone Fishin' will be representing Nassau and the Bahamas in the Jack Daniel's World Invitational BBQ held in Lynchburg Tennessee October 2015, and the will also represent Nassau in the 2015 8th Annual Smokin' Hot BBQ San Juan Puerto Rico.
Congratulations and hats off to Chef Miller our Reserve Grand Champion. We all know Chef Miller as the 1st GC of Nassau for the 2013 victory. It was a well fought battle Chef Miller and no easy feat to repeat.
Talk about close, look at the 3rd place winners Smokin' Haulers just edged out Da Pit Boys by about a tenth of a point for third place. The next 17 teams only had a spread of 60 points so it was a heated battle in every category. Awesome job Nassau! Especially for your first ever sanctioned KCBS BBQ contest. Beware America and Puerto Rico. Nassau teams can cook.
Nassau BBQ Teams can be proud, and now you can proclaim that you have survived your BBQ trail by fire. You are not rookies any more. It isn't as easy as it looks to field a BBQ team no matter if you are in it to win it or there just for fun no matter the outcome. We commend every team, and every team member for the effort, time, money you invested in getting there to compete. It was a great BBQ event because of your combined efforts, job very well done Nassau. You graduated and from a grilling contest to a real authentic slow smoked BBQ competition. Put it on your claendar for May 2 in 2015.
It was an excellent 2nd annual event and the project is gaining momentum with the public and private sectors, the sponsors and you can count on  the contest expanding to a 2-day event in the very near future.
24 teams competed and all 24 cooked an extra pork shoulder in support of the KCBS Feed 100,000 meal program. Nassau selected Hands for Hunger (H4H) as the recipient of the 24 cooked pork shoulders and local distributor Bahama Food Service (BFS) and Smoking Hot Ventures chipped in extra meat to bring the total of near 800 pound donated to H4H.
Teams actually got started on Thursday with the team meeting and a training seminar on knife sharpening, cutting and trimming the brisket, pork shoulder, and ribs.  Don and Debbie Harwell, the 2 KCBS contest reps, shared the secrets of competing in a sanctioned KCBS BBQ.
We all know how set up days go, most are kind of crazy and with every team rushing around to get ready BS happens. BS is just an abbreviation for Barbecue Stuff. Well no exception here in Nassau.  We had a long distance team come in from Exuma. Bahamas.  When I first came up on them it was just after midnight. I was about to give up the them even showing up. I walked up on a pickup truck that wouldn't start, it sit dead in the isle and was loaded down like a mule with the grill hanging off the back tailgate it was so long. They finally got her fired up and rolled down to their spot. They were also out of charcoal but no big problem.  The Nassau teams chipped in and shared charcoal so they were able to get started  and in the race.
During the team meeting ihad the pleasure to meet a new team, Beat My Meat, headed up by a nice young lady named Leah. She was well organized and telling me how she was the boss of the team and kept the 4 men members in line and on their toes, I was a bit impressed. But at the contest every time I walked by their booth she would be the only person working a lick. All for of the men team members were relaxing with a cold beer.  Leah how can I get on your team?
The Sun Pigs rolled in from Florida and had not one smoker or grill but the Gods of BBQ were smiling on them. We had a one man team signed up and were able to match him up with the Sun Pigs and the rest is history. It was a good match up and a great example of the sportsmanship like conduct that prevailed all week with the teams.  Thanks to all of the teams that went the extra mile trying to find grills and smokers for the Sun Pigs. 
What about those Radio House Smokers?  This team was ready to drop out due to a team member cancelling. As luck would have it we were able to hook them up with two of the prettiest chef's in the islands. Now these gals had zero experience cooking a brisket but with some help and coaching for the Sun Pigs and other teams they took 3rd place in brisket.  The enthusiasm, and willingness to lend a helping had to a fellow team by all the teams there was something we all love to see at a contest.
Thanks to the KCBS reps and KCBS Judges that traveled to Nassau to make sure we had a great BBQ competition. Your knowledge and expertise was greatly appreciates Can't wait to get the slow smoking class and a BBQ Judges class scheduled before the next contest.
If you are located in the Caribbean, South America, or Central America and would like to get a BBQ competition started and established in your Island or country please contact Smoking Hot Ventures LLC. We have over 20years experience in BBQ competitions.
For Spanish contact Alexis Garcia (939)717-7687 Soup@PRTC.net
For English contact Michael Compton(787)319-9410 Mike@BBQPR.com
Thanks and keep the fire burning Low & Slow!