BBQ Team Bios

BBQ Team Biographies

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Q-bitas BBQ Team

Little Q-bitas history

After being grilling for many years to friends and family we finally team up to compete. We've been doing competitions for several years now, a couple of competitions per year, obtaining many calls in different categories trough all this years. Our name Q-bitas BBQ Team comes from an old drink "Cuba Libre" which is a mix of white rum and coke (wich all of us drink) long story short we love to cook and compete!!!

Q-bitas BBQ Team is:

Sammy - pitmaster
Hector- assistant pitmaster
Raul- assistant pitmaster
Pedro- assistant pitmaster
Jose- assistant pitmaster
Lorena- tester
Lourdes- tester

"Keep on smoking!" Sammy (pit master for Q-bitas BBQ Team)

Smoke Daddy VooDoo BBQ Team

From Chicago, IL all of us on the Smoke Daddy VooDoo BBQ Team have competed in multiple local and KCBS Competitions throughout the Midwest and now in Puerto Rico.  We bring the "Good JuJu"!!!  As a full-time business at Smoke Daddy Inc, we manufacture and sell high quality Pellet Pro® Pellet Grills, Pellet Hopper Assemblies, and Cold Smoke Generators.

Our Team from Left to Right:

-Big Papi - Team Member

-Dapper Dan the VooDoo Man - Team Member

-Smoke Baby Liz - Team Member

-Pit Boss Dennis - Pit Boss

-Smoke Mama Sarah - Team Member

-Kim - Team Member

"Who's Your Smoke Daddy?" - Smoke Daddy