Beach Party

Beach Party At Balenario Punta Salinas in Levittown, PR!

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Yeeeee Haaaaaaw!

The Caribbean BBQ Association (CBBQA)  is throwing a beach party at Balenario Punta Salinas in Levittown on Saturday September 20th from 12:00 noon to 5 pm. Come early and steak out your spot on the beach for the day.  (Directions located at Bottom of Page)

This is just a big family BBQ at the beach, not a competition, and we’re doing all of the cooking for you! 

We just want to say hi & thanks to all of the BBQ Teams, Judges, staff and friends that are part of the CBBQA family.

We’re having good food, great fun with our family’s & friends. You don’t have to be a member so bring your family and invite some friends too.  You can renew your expired membership for a whole year for just $10.00, good till Dec 31st 2015. Become a new member, we will have plenty of member applications there for you.

Adult MENU:          $20.00 Members       $25.00 Non-Members  (join now and save $)

½ slow smoked Cornish Game Hen + smoked & grilled Italian sausage + Boneless Pork Roll wrap in bacon & stuffed with Guava & queso del  Pais

Mexican Rice w/ Corn Cilantro & red Onion and Sun Dried Tomatoes Prepared on the Paellera

Guineitos  Niños in brown sugar syrup  "Almibar" Prepared on the Paellera


Children’s MENU:      $10.00 (under 10 yr. FREE)

Kids $10.00 (Kids plate ¼ Cornish Game Hen ½ sausage and smaller portion of the Boneless Bacon wrapped pork roll

Mexican Rice w/ Corn Cilantro & red Onion and Sun Dried Tomatoes Prepared on the Paellera

Guineitos  Niños in brown sugar syrup  "Almibar" Prepared on the Paellera


Lunch will be served at 1:00 pm.


We are serving a complete meal for you, but also encourage anyone to bring a side dish to share with a few friends or a dessert if you are so inclined. Make it as easy and simple as chips and dip or as complex as you want to.  It can be homemade or bought at the store ready to serve, but it is optional for this party.

We do the cooking and you bring your coolers and any refreshments that you may want or need for the day. No refreshments supplied by us.

To help you enjoy the day at the beach bring: beach chairs, umbrella, and towels, sun screen, hats,  and don’t forget your cameras and sunglasses, beach & water toys, backgammon, playing cards and dominoes.

 Reservations in advance only please. All you have to do is reserve your plates in advance and let us know how many children’s plates, how many adult’s plates you will need, and how many children under the age of 10 that you may have coming. To do this, add special instructions to the seller while your are on the PayPal Payment Page.  We always prepare some extra plates for late comers and take home meals but no reservations means no guarantee we will have something for you.

Reservation Type

***Please print out your receipt after payment and bring to event.  This will be used as your reservation tickets

 Don’t use a credit card? That’s okay too. Just mail us a check or money order. Make your checks payable to Caribbean BBQ Assoc. (CBBQA) & specify your order.  Mail in the correct amount to:

     CBBQA Beach Party

     Condado Park #303

     1301 Magdalena Ave.

     San Juan, PR 00907.

We will send you a confirmation with each reservation. Be sure to include your cell ph.# and your email so we can confirm your order. If you don’t hear form us after you mail your check please write to before Wed. Sept. 17th.

Mail you check or money order no later than Friday September 12th to meet our deadline.


Have a question or need any help? Just write to 

Yes you can write to the old gringo in Spanish! I have a good translator on my computer to help me.

Get ready to Party on the beach.


 Thanks and God bless you all & God bless BBQ too!

Written directions:

Starting at the Ft. Buchanan toll and head west towards Levitown on Highway #22 for 2.7 miles.

Take exit  (Salida) #13 at Rio Hondo Mall and head north on road #167 for 1.9 miles to( Km 28.4)

 At the traffic signal turn left on road #167 and go west for 1.7 miles

Turn right into Balenario Punta Salinas. Drive into the park and we have 1 gazabo, 1 Bohio #1 & Casita #7 on the left side beach front.