12:00 PM12:00

Eleuthera Family Fun Day and Grilling Competition

The newest Grilling and BBQ Competition destination is Eleuthera Bahamas, December 9th.

   This will be one of the coolest places we have had the privilege of holding a competition. We have strong local backing, and a good base group of cooking teams in Eleuthera, and the local home town team the Tarpon Bay Boys just recently won the annual” Bahamas Fire & Welding BBQ” in Nassau this May

  Our venue is right on the beach with outdoor Tike Bar. You couldn’t ask for a better setting for dinner and contest. Eleuthera will be 2 great days for food, fun and a focus on grilling, for competition and for fun with your family & friends.  It kicks off on Friday evening Dec. 8th at Four Points, in Rock Sound, Eleuthera, with the Fire & Ice Beach Grilled cocktail & Dinner Party.

  3 groups of Celebrity Guest Chefs from Nassau and Eleuthera will prepare a verity of grilled seafood and steak dinner menus, incorporating selected local spirits as flavoring ingredients, coupled with some outrageous cocktail menus designed specifically for the appetizers and main courses, and dessert bar. So, it’s cocktails party at 5:30 and a world class sunset as the backdrop. And dinner and entertainment 7- 

  This competition is primarily grilling, but some categories may be slow smoked if you like. It is an easy contest designed so anyone that grills can enter with confidence and has a great shot a winning in several categories.

  To make it possible for many teams to participate, and their friends, family and supporters can all come to Eleuthera too, here’s what we are doing to assist.

  We are working with Bahamas Ferries to bring down a container dedicated to our team’s equipment. Have will have it delivered to the site and unloaded.  Reloaded and shipped back to Nassau after the contest and at no charge to the teams.

  Pineapple air is also planning extra flights, giving special rates, making extra trips to get down and back the same day, with a late return flight so people can came for the day, or the whole weekend and not cut it short.

  We will have over 100 homes for rent, and packages for the weekend stays with house rentals for the teams or the whole family, hotel rental packages w/ slip for your vessel as well.

  The ferries will have accommodations for bringing your company or personal cars, small water craft, and arranged for a special docking just ¼ mile from the contest site, in Rock Sound, Four Points, in the south of the island.

  This is a 1-day contest Saturday Dec. 9th from 12:00pm to 9pm. It is a grilling competition with the following categories, steak, pizza, chicken, ribs, & dessert.  Our People’s choice category is the pineapple of Eleuthera. $2,000.00 in cash prizes, and it will be pushed to $3,000.00 cash if we have 20 or more teams compete. Limited sampling, and sampling meats are supplied.

  You may smoke anything you want, but all the categories can all be done with a grill, and without slow    smoking. No overnight cooking is necessary in this contest, starts mid-day Saturday, and goes into the early night. The contest site is on the ocean, a beautiful beach bar set & restaurant set-up you will certainly like, and enjoy. Kayaking, boat rides and ATV trails and more cool things to do so bring the family and come on down.

Please contact Thomas Sands for info on sponsorships, Dinner Reservations, or team and Judge inquiries. 1-242-358-7011

Kind regards and good luck.


Click Here to download a set of the Grilling Competition rules

Click Here to download a Grill Team Registration Form

Click Here to download a copy of the Judges Registration form.


If you would like to become a certified BBQ / Grill Judge please contact

We will be scheduling a 5-hour course to teach and certify local residence to became certified BBQ & Grill Judges for the December 9th contest.

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9:30 AM09:30

1st Annual Badia Smoking Hot BBQ Competition - May 27th 2017

Hello Curacao, let’s fire up those grills and smokers.

  Good people of Curacao get your taste buds tuned up, and ready to sample 1.5 tons of some of the best BBQ in your region. It’s Smoking Hot BBQ time!

  On May 27th, at Sambil Mall, Curacao will hold the 1st Annual Badia Smoking Hot BBQ. Our thanks to Pietersz Distribution Co. & Kooyman Hardware, Quirch Foods, Mangusa, & Sambil Mall for helping make this culinary event happen.

  Over the past 2 years’ preparations have been in the works to bring the best grillers and smokers we can find in the ABC Islands together for a Battle of the BBQ.  Over the previous 2 years we have trained over 100 local, backyard and foodie cooks, to some of the best chefs in the islands, in the art of slow smoking, or authentic BBQ. Now it’s time to put their BBQ & Grilling skills together, and on the line. 

Categories & Turn in time for category’s

The 6 contest categories are Grilled Seafood, Grilled Hamburger, Grilled or Smoked Coulotte / Picana, Chicken grilled or slow smoked, grilled or slow smoked Pork Ribs bone in only, & slow smoked pork butt A.K.A. pork shoulder. FREE food sampling pf all these items & more.

  • Pietersz Build A Better Burger (2:50-3:00) Each team will select & provide their own seafood and may select any seafood or any combination of seafood’s for their turn-in. This is considered an open category, use anything seafood(s) you want to. Done on the grill.

  • Challenge Grilled or smoked Coulotte / Picana (3:50- 4:00) We will provide each team with 10# of beef tri-tip steak.

  • Grilled Chicken (4:50 -5:00) You any use any cut, pieces of chicken, or a whole chicken that you prefer. Chicken may be grilled or slow smoked, your choice.

  • Seafood (5:50-6:00) Each team may receive a gift certificate from Mangusa Hyper Market for purchase of any panama seafood. If not, you are responsible for providing the seafood of your choice to compete in this category.

  • Pork Ribs (6:50-7:00) This is a slow smoked category. Ribs must be a bone in rib, no country style boneless ribs. You may choose spare ribs full slab or St. Louis cut, or a Baby Back, A.K.A Loin Back rib.

  • Pork Shoulder (7:50-8:00) This is a slow smoked category. Called pork shoulder, Boston Butt or pork butt, boneless or bone in is acceptable. Minimum weight 5 pounds and up.

  • People’s Choice: Selected by the public, ticket voting system. Based on cleanliness, food sampling to the guests, uniforms, skits and entertainment. Overall appearance and interaction of the team with the public. All teams are eligible. Guests will place a ticket in a sealed container at each booth. At 7:30 pm each team will deliver their sealed ticket container to the Turn-In Station for counting.

  The cooking action is live fire, all food cooked and prepared on the site in front of you, add the time clock, bragging rights for year, and 5000 FL in cash prize money, and what was a simple backyard dinner is now a race to the timed finish line, and anything can happen. Come and cheer your favorite teams to the finish line.

  All of us that watch the food channel’s & BBQ Pit Masters know there is a big difference between “Grilling” & BBQ. We’ll save that topic for another class. But for our first BBQ battle in Curacao, this competition will include both elements of cooking. Direct heat (Grilling) and indirect heat (BBQ). They can cook on almost anything, use any herbs and spices they want to create the best darn BBQ and grilled foods possible for you, the voting public, and the certified BBQ Judges. (see details below for becoming a certified BBQ Judge for this contest)

  You will love the fast-paced cooking action, and FREE sampling of almost every teams savory grilled goodies. We have 3000# of great US Pork Ribs & Shoulders, & Beef Picana & Certified Angus Beef Burger, and poultry. And the sampling of our many sponsors wonderful products. Gaucho’s, C.H.A.T.A., Mangusa, Pietersz Distribution Co., Kooyman, Casa Tienda & more. Cash Bars, Ice cold beer and cocktails. Tickets on sale the day of the event at the door.

Adult tickets 35 FL (includes free sampling of food)

Children 11-16 20 FL (includes free sampling of food)

Kids under 10 FREE Opens to the public 2 pm to 11 pm Sat. May 27th

  Once inside the event, islanders can taste free BBQ and grilled food samples at the team’s booths, 25 to 30 teams expected to compete, 20 already have registered. Enjoy the Mangusa salad & cupcake bar, Casa Tienda’s pasta, sauce & rice bar, grilled sample plates from Gauchos, and Pietersz Dist. Co. CHATA will have a food stating station with great burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, & grilled chicken. Local chefs will be doing cooking demos using our sponsor products and sharing tips and ideas to help you become a better backyard grill, and smoker master. Kooyman will have the latest, and greatest in outdoor cooking equipment, sure to put you on the road to competing next year, and enjoying grilling & smoking at home as often as you like it.

  We want to recognize our rookie- backyard teams, and our seasoned veterans of the culinary world. It takes some nerve to step up to the grill and smoker and have the local community taste, and test their BBQ. So, we have some special awards planned that are in addition to a regular award ceremony. Good luck to everyone.

  Want to become a Caribbean BBQ Association Certified BBQ Judge. It’s a blast, you eat a lot of good grilled and BBQ foods and share your love of cooking and food with other like mined islanders. On May 20th, at the Curacao Brewing Company Bar and Restaurant. Noon to 5 pm 40 FL and certified BBQ judges will be on the judges table at the May 27th BBQ event.

  All you must do is send me and email ( with your email address typed in, your cell ph. #, and your name as you will want it on your certificate of graduation. In subject write “ I want to be a BBQ Judge”

I will reply with a confirming email that you are registered. I’ll see you in the certification class May 20th.

For information on becoming a vendor or sponsor at the May 20th BBQ, please contact

The enter a BBQ team Click Here download the team registration form and email it back to us.

Get a copy of the competition rules Click Here download

Teams come from all types of companies, & walks of life, your neighborhood, church, government, or civic group, restaurants, resort hotels, and cooking and food enthusiasts everywhere. It’s grilling and BBQ, everybody does and you’ll have a great time doing it with friends.

Want to start a team, or join a BBQ team but don’t know what to do? Write me and tell me what you want to do. I can match you up with others looking for teams or cooks to join their team.

Thanks, we’ll see you all at the BBQ May 20th. Yeeeee Haaaaaaaw!

“We Do it low & slow & my taste buds are always ready for BBQ”

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to Apr 2

The 6th Annual Smokin’ Hot BBQ Competition Nassau Bahamas

The 6th Annual Smokin’ Hot BBQ Competition Nassau Bahamas

Bahamas National Trust     

“The Retreat” Village Road New Providence Nassau

April   1st & 2nd   2017

CLICK HERE / Download a map to the Bahamas National Trust

Nassau Bahamas has become a great place for a regional BBQ competition. This sunny vacationer’s paradise is now in its 6th year and pays out over $3000.00 in prize money & medals for the fierce group of very skilled grillers & smoking competitors in the Bahamas. An excellent travel destination for judges and teams from the US and the Caribbean Islands.

  It started as a 1- Day KCBS Sanctioned BBQ Competition in 2012, but in 2017 it will become a 2-day grilling, and slow smoking authentic BBQ competition. And we have the very best in venues this year too, Bahamas National Trust “The Retreat” on village Road.     Comfortable, close parking, some great kids play areas and literally tons of good grilled and slow smoked brisket, ribs, pork shoulder, and pizza coming off the grills and out of those smokers.

  Saturday April 1st:  The 1st Annual Backyard Grilling Challenge.  This is open as a 1-Day contest for anyone 18 yr. and older.  You don’t have to be a chef either, anyone with a grill can get in on the fun and sport of grilling. It all about grilling with categories of best Hamburger., Chicken Wings, Steak, Pork Chops & Pizza, all done on the grill and something we can all do. Come test your shills with us. Propane or charcoal grills are allowed for this day’s competition. It’s fun, exciting, and a great grill challenge.

CLICK HERE / Download a copy of the contest rules:

CLICK HERE / Download a copy of the Team Registration form:

  Sunday April 2nd: The KCBS Sanctioned, 6th Annual Smoking Hot BBQ Nassau Bahamas. The 4 categories Brisket, Pork Ribs bone in, Chicken, and Pork Shoulder are the categories. Teams have 2 registration fee options for $175.00 or $225.00 to enter a team.

Over $3,000.00 in cash and other awards paid out to the teams that day.

   KCBS Certified BBQ Judges are used for this contest. To apply for a seat at the judge’s tables contact Mike@BBQPR./com   CLICK HERE / Download the judge’s registration form. We will confirm Judges by email or register through the new KCBS Judges registration system.

   HOTEL:  We will have a special room rate set up at the Comfort Suites on Paradise Island. These rooms are for teams, judges, sponsors… and include buffer breakfast. Pool, access to Atlantis, and other amenities. Call Comfort Suites Reservations on Paradise Island at 1-855-603-1105 or 1-242-363-3680. Tell them you are booking for the Smoking Hot BBQ Nassau. Special rates will apply between March 30th and April 3rd 2017.

   If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, vendor sales, exhibiting your restaurant and other information about the 6th Annual Smokin Hot BBQ Nassau, contact Anthony Coakley   1-242-395-3099 for information

Vendors food & and craft sales contact us for very reasonable space rates.

Extreme entertainment, and we will be partying into the night following the contest each day.

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10th Annual Smokin' Hot BBQ Competition in San Juan
to Feb 19

10th Annual Smokin' Hot BBQ Competition in San Juan

The 10th Annual Smoking Hot BBQ will have a look and feel to it. A new format, new location, lower cost, and loads of fun and great BBQ await you.

Here’s the real meat of the information.

Where: Coco Beach Golf Club / Rio Grande PR 20-min from the airport

At the Clubhouse & Clubhouse parking area. Guest parking across the street, $5.00 all day

When:   Saturday Feb. 18th   2:00 pm to 8:00 pm

        &    Sunday Feb. 19th   12:00 noon to 7 PM

Events:  10th Annual Smoking Hot BBQ & Grilling Contest, 2-Days, KCBS sanctioned BBQ Sunday.

Smoking Hot “Grilling” Competition amateurs & pros welcome / Saturday

10th Annual Professional Chef’s Invitational Challenge / Sunday Feb. 19th

Questions?  Email Mike at

  $5,500.00 in cash prizes, medals for all winning team members, top 5 places, in each category. $2.500.00 in cash given for Saturday & $3,000.00 for Sunday’s contest. Cash awards for the top 5 teams in each category too.

  Paying guests will receive a complimentary BBQ plate lunch. Fresh, hot food stations staffed by the Puerto Rico Chef’s Association, and culinary students preparing for their careers as chefs. Menus vary from Paella, pork shoulder, and other great BBQ meats and side dishes.  Each plate expertly prepared by members of the Puerto Rico Chef’s Association. Adult and child plates.

Admission:  Adults $20.00 Children $10.00 12yr.  Tickets sold each day only at the door.

  Children’s play area, live music, and plenty of interesting company product demonstrations, seminars, and tastings are happening all around the event throughout both days, fast service bars, and 40 plus great BBQ teams going head to head.

Click Here for a BBQ Judges registration form (English):

Click Here for a BBQ Judges registration form (Spanish):


Click Here for a BBQ Team registration form (English):

Click Here for a BBQ Team registration form (Spanish):


Click here for BBQ Contest rules (English):

Click here for BBQ Contest rules (Spanish):


Click here for map to Coco Beach Golf club:

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Triple Crown BBQ Cocineros del Este
to Dec 31

Triple Crown BBQ Cocineros del Este

Muchas Felicidades a Q-bitas BBQ Team por en segunda ocasión ganar El Triple Crown BBQ Cocineros Del Este.
El Caribbean Barbecue Association se siente enorgullecido por su logro!👍🏼🇵🇷

Congratulations to Q-bitas BBQ Team on their second win at the Triple Crown BBQ Cocineros del Este Competition.
The Caribbean Barbecue Association is very proud of your accomplishment! 👍🏼🇵🇷

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12:00 PM12:00

Sabanera Dorado BBQ Contest

  Sabanera Dorado BBQ contest was moved to August 20th, from June 25th, and we have
judges registered but a few seats are still open. If you would like to judge, or work in
the judge’s area to gain more experience, contact me

If you have a BBQ team and would like to participate in the Sabanera Dorado BBQ

Click here for contest rules in Spanish
Click here for contest rules in English
Click here for contest registration form
Click here for Judges registration form

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12:00 PM12:00

1st Annual BBQ Curacao

  Awesome!! Looks like Curacao BBQ competition is finally getting approved and will be
held at the Sambil Mall on Saturday August 6th 2016.

  This should be an excellent new BBQ competition in the Caribbean Islands. If any of our
readers would like to participate with a team, or travel and be a judge contact us for
complete details.

Click here for contest team registration

Click here for Judges Registration

Click here for Contest rules

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4th Annual Smokin' Hot BBQ Comp. Nassau Bahamas
12:00 PM12:00

4th Annual Smokin' Hot BBQ Comp. Nassau Bahamas

Smoking Hot BBQ Nassau 4TH Annual BBQ Competition

April 17th 2016


Location: Waterloo Club Montague grounds, on East Bay Street
Click Here to see Map

Attention all Bahamas BBQ Teams, Head Cooks, Culinary Artists, Pit-Masters, & Charcoal Jockeys, and Backyard Grillers! Visit & FB Smoking Hot BBQ Nassau

Compete & win your share of $2,450.00 in CASH   

Nassau's winner will receive a paid team entry fee to the 10th Annual Smoking Hot BBQ in Puerto Rico, Feb. 2017, and be invited to represent Nassau in 1 of the top 3 BBQ competitions in the world, i.e The Jack Daniel's World Invitational, The Kansas City Royal, or Memphis in May in 2016.

The date is set & come rain or shine, the 4th Annual Smoking Hot BBQ is April 17th @ Waterloo Club Montague grounds, on East Bay Street.


2016 Nassau Bahamas BBQ Rules

BBQ Team Registration Form

BBQ Judges Registration Form

Build a Better Burger Challenge Rules

Individual Reservation Group Proposal

Group Fact Sheet - Comfort Suites 2016

                Nassau are U ready to PARTY with us? 

    Nassau's current Grand Champions, Da Snapper Crew A.K.A "DSC", is back from Puerto Rico with a 6th place overall win in February. They competed  in a field of 6 Grand Champion's from the USA and 7 Grand Champion teams from Puerto Rico, great job DSC !

 Nassau had some great grilling and smoking going on in 2015 with the 3rd annual BBQ. We had some 3 year veterans, some new teams, and all were great competitors.  Nassau’s BBQ skill level is rising. We salute your excellent sportsmanship, and contest ethics. 

 These were your contenders in 2015
BBQ Bandits,    Beat My Meat,   Charlie & Da Boys,   Da Snapper Crew,
EZ Lite Mudder, Sic Grillers,  Da Gone Fishin Group,  Flaming Hot Boy's,
Hot Grillers,  Meat Police,   Miller BBQ Team,   Pirates Pub,  Snapper Cool,
Star Grillers, andSun Pigs.

Ladies!!   What are you waiting for?  We’re giving a ½ off, 50% discount, on the team entry fee for the first 2 all women’s BBQ teams to get registered. Come on ladies I know we have some great cookers that can probably beat the britches of some of these men's teams.  Show them what you have got.

Hey what happened to these teams? 

Where are they now?

If you have an email for them send i  to  

Hoggie Style    Karla Wells    Grill Optimister    Eunique Grillers    Cowboys

We open the doors to the public at 12 pm Sunday April 17th, cash bars, and eat all the free BBQ you want all day long. 

Ticket prices for Adults $20.00 & Children 6-10 $5.00, kids under 4 free, kids play area.
Live music, DJ, 2000# of great BBQ
For Sponsorship inform inform
Contact (787) 319-9410
Good luck and we’ll see you in April.


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5:00 PM17:00

Mayaguez Regional BBQ Competition

"The Golden Ticket for Mayaguez BBQ March 12th 2016"

  The smoking Hot BBQ Circuit will hold a regional qualifying BBQ & Grilling Contest. A west coast Regional BBQ, on Saturday March 12 at the Paseo Del Litoral, in Mayaguez PR. 5 pm to midnight. Anyone 18 year or older may enter and compete for $1,750.00 in cash prizes, and awards. You don’t have to be a chef to compete, just bring your grill and your team.

It’s easy and in expensive to compete $199.00 + your Fire Department inspection fee.   

  25 Teams of up to 5 men & women will grill and or slow smoke pork ribs, & pork shoulders, hamburgers, paella, and seafood on the grill.

   $1,700.00 cash prize money, and a free team entry in the 10th Annual Smoking Hot BBQ San Juan, Feb. 2017 for the Mayaguez Grand Champion 2016.

  15 teams have already qualified for a team entry paid to the Mayaguez BBQ by competing in the Smoking Hot BBQ San Juan Feb. 20 & 21st.

The top 15 PR team finishing in the (th Annual Smoking Hot BBQ San Juan have been awarded a free base entry ($199.00) fee paid to the Mayaguez BBQ March 12th. 

*Means the team is confirmed

1.       Smoke E’m All               9. * A La Bar Ba KOA BBQ KOA

2.       Qbita’s BBQ                 10. La Esatacion Team Compart  

3.       * BBQ Freaks               11. * Backyard BBQ Grill

4.        Sabor A Lena              12.  Slowly Smoked

5.        La Manada Ribs          13.   Playing w/ Fire

6.        Smoking Joe’s BBQ    14.  * Bori Jano Cookers

7.         Baqrbicueros BBQ      15. Mother Smokers

8.         Spartans BBQ                      

   Even though you have won a free invitation to Mayaguez you need to complete a team registration and pay for any extras you select, and make your separate payment for the cleaning deposit.  Scan and send a copy of your team registration to  then mail usyour payment or use Pay Pal service to pay.

Smoking Hot BBQ Saturday Competition Categories & Turn in Times

Grand Champion/Reserve Grand Champion/ and 3rd Place cash and medals

  •  (5:50-6:00) Grilled or smoked Seafood / team selects the seafood and provides it.
  • (6:50-7:00) Build a Better Burger ground beef and buns provided. 
  • (7:50-8:00) Pork Rib bone in, Spare rib or Baby Back
  • (8:50-9:00) Pork Shoulder
  • (9:50-10:00) Goya Paella / Goya rice and other products will be provided, your team will add the finishing touches and proteins you want to use

 Free Sampling to the public is from 6 pm to 11 pm. Teams provide samples until 11 pm.

                Tickets to the public will be sold only at the door and are $20.00 & includes IVU.

               Cash Bars, free BBQ sampling from the teams from 6 pm t0 11 pm.

IBANCA will prepare a full BBQ dinner for each guest, a brisket plate, a pulled pork plate, and a Paella plate.

Sampling will be somewhat less on the teams, however, teams will have to provide samples to

the public from 6 pm till 11 pm.  See us on Face Book Smoking Hot BBQ

It’s great fun for the whole family!!

For more information about Smoking Hot BBQ see us on FB Smoking Hot BBQ.


2016 Mayaguez Contest Rules

Mayaguez Team Registration Form

Mayaguez Judges Registration Form


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to Feb 21

9th Annual Smoking Hot BBQ San Juan

February 20th & 21st  2016  

9th Annual Smoking Hot BBQ San Juan Puerto Rico

2 days of BBQ competition

Click on the image above to go to the Smokin' Hot BBQ Competition Facebook Page!

Click on the image above to go to the Smokin' Hot BBQ Competition Facebook Page!

Saturday Feb. 20th Grilling & Ancillary contests day. Sunday Feb 21st. KCBS Sanctioned BBQ.

   Team Registration by us mail only for the time being. Sorry but PayPal may be getting out of business in Puerto Rico so for now we can only take team registration by US Mail.   Download the rules and follow the simple, easy  directions.   Pay by bank check or money orders only please. 

 Team registration fee $350.00 covers both days, free charcoal, tent 10 x 10', 20 x 20 space, about 65# of free sampling meats, bring your own competition meats.

Yes we'll have rental smokers available for out of the island teams coming down. Check the rules for complete details.

If you have any questions about registering a team contact

Click here for Hamburger Challenge Rules (Spanish Version)

Click here for BBQ Contest Rules (Spanish Version)

Click here for Team Registration Form

Click here for Judges Registration Form

Click here for Info on Hyatt Place Hotel

  →Click here for Hyatt Place Hotel Website

If you want to register as a BBQ Judge download the judges registration form, fill it out, email it to  We will confirm your request by email.

Our host hotel is the Hyatt Place located at 580 Fernandez Juncos San Juan PR 00907. To make your reservations, contact Surgely (Sue-Haily) Perez (787) 721-3000 or  Single & double occupancy $159.00 plus tax. Triple or quad occupancy $169.00 plus tax.  Free parking, free breakfast, and free wi fi.

Visit the Smokin' Hot BBQ Competition Facebook Page!

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Phi Delta Gamma Charity BBQ Challenge September 12th  2016
9:00 AM09:00

Phi Delta Gamma Charity BBQ Challenge September 12th 2016

El Capítulo NU de la fraternidad Phi Delta Gamma les invitan al Phi Delta Gamma Charity BBQ Challenge pro fondos Mis Amigos Síndrome de Down. 

Tendremos competencia de BBQ (Costillas, pollo y hamburguesa creativa), música en vivo, rifas y otras sorpresas. 

Habrá exhibidores dando muestra de su menú. 

El evento contará con la música de: 







Fecha: 12 de septiembre de 9:00 am a 6:00 pm.

Lugar: Balneario de Carolina (Isla Verde).

La entrada incluye muestras de nuestros quioscos de competencia y auspiciadores: 

Costo de entrada general: 

Adultos - $15.00

Niños menores de 12 años - $10.00

Personas con Síndrome de Down - $5.00

Todo el dinero recaudado en la entrada será donado a Mis Amigos Síndrome de Down.


Inscripcion por equipo: $100.00 (Para mas detalles ver Las reglas).


Para Reglas haz clck aqui:


Hola de Inscripcion: 



Para más información se pueden comunicar con:

Jose L. Rocafort (email: )

Yolanda Rivera (email: )

Jose Nieves (email: )



Facebook Info:




Activity Event:


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2:00 PM14:00

3rd Annual Smokin' Hot BBQ Nassau Bahamas

Location:  Two doors down from the Green Parrot - BFA Beach Soccer and Futsal Facility Malcolm Park North, on East Bay Street before Paradise Island Bridge / Barbecuing on the water.

Team Entry fee $275.00 included tent, table & chairs, & meats 

Registration Form 

Click here to download Hamburger Challenge rules

Click here to download a set of the BBQ rules

How to register:

  1. Download a copy of the rules and registration form for your records
  2. Fill out the registration form and contact Marsha Thompson to turn in your registration form and entry fee.  (242) 565-5575
  3. All payments must be made with cash only, no personal checks. You may pay in cash with US Dollars or Bahamian Dollars. If paying at the competition site you will pay the higher late fee rate $325.00 after June 19th.  Registration cutoff Thursday June 25th.

  This 3rd Annual Smokin' Hot BBQ Nassau is a KCBS sanctioned BBQ.   30 plus teams battle for the title of Nassau's Grand Champion. Free competition meats supplied with your $275.00 team entry fee. 

  KCBS Judges are welcome and needed. Please contact us for a seat at the judges table. To reserve as a KCBS Judges send your email, your cell ph. #, your KCBS Judges # to    We will confirm by email or ph. call. Got a question call Mike @ 787-319-9410.

  If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the BBQ competition please contact Jenny Pinder.   Local calls 427-1542 and US calls 314-732-4555

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10:00 AM10:00

3rd Annual Smokin' Hot BBQ Nassau Bahamas

Sat. May 2nd, 2015

Fish Fry @ Arawak Cay   Barbecuing on the Beach

Team Entry Fee: $200.00  

Registration Form 

Click here to download Hamburger Challenge rules

Click here to download a set of the BBQ rules

How to Register:

  1. Registration on line at .  Fill out the on line form and send. You will receive your invoice by email and then pay using Pay Pal on line with any major credit card.

  2. Download a copy of the registration form, fill it out, contact Jenny Pinder to turn in your registration form and fee  (242) 427-1542

  3. All payments must be credit card, a certified bank check, cashier’s check, cash or money order only, no personal checks. .Make checks payable to CASH and in US Dollars only. 

  4. You may pay in cash with US Dollars or Bahamian Dollars, if paying at the competition site but you will pay the higher late fee rate $250.00 after April 24th.

This 3rd Annual Smokin' Hot BBQ Nassau is a KCBS sanctioned BBQ.   30 plus teams battle it out at the beautiful beach in Arawak Cay - Fish Fry area. Free competition meats supplied w' your $200.00 team entry fee. Register on line @ / download a copy of the rules & team registration form.

KCBS Judges are welcome and needed. Please contact us for a seat at the judges table. To reserve as a KCBS Judges send your email, your cell ph. #, your KCBS Judges # to    We will confirm by email or ph. call. Got a question call Mike @ 787-319-9410.

We have a block of rooms for you at the beautiful British Colonial Hilton Hotel in Nassau.

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