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1st Annual Badia Smoking Hot BBQ Competition - May 27th 2017

Hello Curacao, let’s fire up those grills and smokers.

  Good people of Curacao get your taste buds tuned up, and ready to sample 1.5 tons of some of the best BBQ in your region. It’s Smoking Hot BBQ time!

  On May 27th, at Sambil Mall, Curacao will hold the 1st Annual Badia Smoking Hot BBQ. Our thanks to Pietersz Distribution Co. & Kooyman Hardware, Quirch Foods, Mangusa, & Sambil Mall for helping make this culinary event happen.

  Over the past 2 years’ preparations have been in the works to bring the best grillers and smokers we can find in the ABC Islands together for a Battle of the BBQ.  Over the previous 2 years we have trained over 100 local, backyard and foodie cooks, to some of the best chefs in the islands, in the art of slow smoking, or authentic BBQ. Now it’s time to put their BBQ & Grilling skills together, and on the line. 

Categories & Turn in time for category’s

The 6 contest categories are Grilled Seafood, Grilled Hamburger, Grilled or Smoked Coulotte / Picana, Chicken grilled or slow smoked, grilled or slow smoked Pork Ribs bone in only, & slow smoked pork butt A.K.A. pork shoulder. FREE food sampling pf all these items & more.

  • Pietersz Build A Better Burger (2:50-3:00) Each team will select & provide their own seafood and may select any seafood or any combination of seafood’s for their turn-in. This is considered an open category, use anything seafood(s) you want to. Done on the grill.

  • Challenge Grilled or smoked Coulotte / Picana (3:50- 4:00) We will provide each team with 10# of beef tri-tip steak.

  • Grilled Chicken (4:50 -5:00) You any use any cut, pieces of chicken, or a whole chicken that you prefer. Chicken may be grilled or slow smoked, your choice.

  • Seafood (5:50-6:00) Each team may receive a gift certificate from Mangusa Hyper Market for purchase of any panama seafood. If not, you are responsible for providing the seafood of your choice to compete in this category.

  • Pork Ribs (6:50-7:00) This is a slow smoked category. Ribs must be a bone in rib, no country style boneless ribs. You may choose spare ribs full slab or St. Louis cut, or a Baby Back, A.K.A Loin Back rib.

  • Pork Shoulder (7:50-8:00) This is a slow smoked category. Called pork shoulder, Boston Butt or pork butt, boneless or bone in is acceptable. Minimum weight 5 pounds and up.

  • People’s Choice: Selected by the public, ticket voting system. Based on cleanliness, food sampling to the guests, uniforms, skits and entertainment. Overall appearance and interaction of the team with the public. All teams are eligible. Guests will place a ticket in a sealed container at each booth. At 7:30 pm each team will deliver their sealed ticket container to the Turn-In Station for counting.

  The cooking action is live fire, all food cooked and prepared on the site in front of you, add the time clock, bragging rights for year, and 5000 FL in cash prize money, and what was a simple backyard dinner is now a race to the timed finish line, and anything can happen. Come and cheer your favorite teams to the finish line.

  All of us that watch the food channel’s & BBQ Pit Masters know there is a big difference between “Grilling” & BBQ. We’ll save that topic for another class. But for our first BBQ battle in Curacao, this competition will include both elements of cooking. Direct heat (Grilling) and indirect heat (BBQ). They can cook on almost anything, use any herbs and spices they want to create the best darn BBQ and grilled foods possible for you, the voting public, and the certified BBQ Judges. (see details below for becoming a certified BBQ Judge for this contest)

  You will love the fast-paced cooking action, and FREE sampling of almost every teams savory grilled goodies. We have 3000# of great US Pork Ribs & Shoulders, & Beef Picana & Certified Angus Beef Burger, and poultry. And the sampling of our many sponsors wonderful products. Gaucho’s, C.H.A.T.A., Mangusa, Pietersz Distribution Co., Kooyman, Casa Tienda & more. Cash Bars, Ice cold beer and cocktails. Tickets on sale the day of the event at the door.

Adult tickets 35 FL (includes free sampling of food)

Children 11-16 20 FL (includes free sampling of food)

Kids under 10 FREE Opens to the public 2 pm to 11 pm Sat. May 27th

  Once inside the event, islanders can taste free BBQ and grilled food samples at the team’s booths, 25 to 30 teams expected to compete, 20 already have registered. Enjoy the Mangusa salad & cupcake bar, Casa Tienda’s pasta, sauce & rice bar, grilled sample plates from Gauchos, and Pietersz Dist. Co. CHATA will have a food stating station with great burgers, pulled pork sandwiches, & grilled chicken. Local chefs will be doing cooking demos using our sponsor products and sharing tips and ideas to help you become a better backyard grill, and smoker master. Kooyman will have the latest, and greatest in outdoor cooking equipment, sure to put you on the road to competing next year, and enjoying grilling & smoking at home as often as you like it.

  We want to recognize our rookie- backyard teams, and our seasoned veterans of the culinary world. It takes some nerve to step up to the grill and smoker and have the local community taste, and test their BBQ. So, we have some special awards planned that are in addition to a regular award ceremony. Good luck to everyone.

  Want to become a Caribbean BBQ Association Certified BBQ Judge. It’s a blast, you eat a lot of good grilled and BBQ foods and share your love of cooking and food with other like mined islanders. On May 20th, at the Curacao Brewing Company Bar and Restaurant. Noon to 5 pm 40 FL and certified BBQ judges will be on the judges table at the May 27th BBQ event.

  All you must do is send me and email ( with your email address typed in, your cell ph. #, and your name as you will want it on your certificate of graduation. In subject write “ I want to be a BBQ Judge”

I will reply with a confirming email that you are registered. I’ll see you in the certification class May 20th.

For information on becoming a vendor or sponsor at the May 20th BBQ, please contact

The enter a BBQ team Click Here download the team registration form and email it back to us.

Get a copy of the competition rules Click Here download

Teams come from all types of companies, & walks of life, your neighborhood, church, government, or civic group, restaurants, resort hotels, and cooking and food enthusiasts everywhere. It’s grilling and BBQ, everybody does and you’ll have a great time doing it with friends.

Want to start a team, or join a BBQ team but don’t know what to do? Write me and tell me what you want to do. I can match you up with others looking for teams or cooks to join their team.

Thanks, we’ll see you all at the BBQ May 20th. Yeeeee Haaaaaaaw!

“We Do it low & slow & my taste buds are always ready for BBQ”